Tuesday, 21 May 2019


The Barns of Bynack 
Kenny on the summit 
Spot the ptarmigan 
Trailing Azalea 
The finest feature of Bynack Mor 
Blue skies for a time
I've known Kenny a long time since starting out guiding.  A fellow Mountain Leader, Kenny is on his second round of the Munros. Bynack Mor is one still on his list. Despite a gloomy looking weather forecast we headed up onto this Cairngorm outlier. We actually only had two brief rain showers through the day.  There was even some bright spells on the summit area. Of course the finest feature of the mountain is the 'Barns of Bynack '. These huge granite tors can't be seen from the summit but only a 10 minute walk to see them. A must see if you plan on heading up to this Munro. Summer not too far away with many Alpine/Arctic flowers starting to appear on the hills. Lots of Trailing Azalea on the plateau area. The ptarmigan were out and about and well camouflaged on the lichen covered boulders.

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