Tuesday, 28 July 2009


It was another day of showers but there was a dry, even sunny spell in the middle of the day. I caught the train to Corrour and went up Creag Ghuanach which lies in a lovely spot at the head of Loch Treig. At only 621m it was clear of the morning cloud. It's the prominent hill you can see from the train and I always looked at the steep and craggy Easstern aspect. I had a go at the Eastern side which looked from below like a good scramble, at closer acquittance it turned out to be greasy steep slabs of schist mixed with waist high bracken. Great views of Upper Glen Nevis from the summit so I headed home that way. It's been years since I last walked the whole length of the glen, I remembered why it's been so long, it's wet and boggy! After the quiet and remoteness of 12km you come to Steal falls and gone are the natural smell of the mountains as I was bombarded with perfume and deodorant as everyone and their dog seemed to be walking up the gorge today. No one was in the spirit to give a lift home at the road and it then poured down, in the end I walked the tarmac all the way to The Fort, oh well if your going to walk the length of Glen Nevis may as well do it properly.

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