Friday, 13 November 2009


A very pleasant day again on the west coast with some sunshine by mid day. I had a lazy start and cycled up to Lundavra then walked up onto a very nice wee hill above Loch Leven - Tom Meadhoin. At only 621m its a shortish hill day and a good jaunt on days when the cloud is down on the higher hills, like it was today. Like all these smaller hills you are guaranteed not to see a soul, especially as I didn't go up the logical, shorter route from Loch Leven. Looks like a wild and wet day on Saturday then a much better day for Sunday. More snow above 1000m forecast so the highest summits will all have a covering of snow.


Richard Down said...

Just visting your site having spotted it on the LFTOer blogs forum.
Your latest pics make me green with envy as I've never really managed a proper tour of the Western Highlands apart from a brutal biking tour when I was 18.
I'll spend a bit of time looking through this for tips etc.

Gary said...

Hi Richard

Thanks for your kind comments, pleased you enjoy the blog. I see you work for the Echo. I was born and bred in Liverpool but 'escaped' many years ago! If your up this way in winter then I'm available to show you the best of the Highlands! Have a safe and fun winter. Great Echo site, things have changed since the internet!