Monday, 25 January 2010


Another wonderful winters day, West coast of Scotland was probably the best weather in the UK today. It was freezing at seal level this morning after a clear night, some early cloud on the tops gradually dissappeared and by mid day there was some sunshine, with a temperature inversion below Ben Nevs. I went up No. 4 Gully on The Ben today, there was quite a few climbers out on various routes including the ice fall near the CIC Hut, Ledge Route and on Comb Buttress. No one in the gully and very straight forward at the moment with no cornice problems. The snow is well consolidated and all the crags are rimed, Tower Ridge looks spectacular, plastered in snow. Excellent conditions on the descent of The Red Burn, really good hard snow right down to the waterfall making for a very pleasent descent. Days are getting longer now, finished with plenty of daylight left.

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