Saturday, 17 July 2010


Back up the hills again today after a week of low level walking. Ben Nevis of course! Today I was with Alison, Norman and James in  what was probably the worst weather on The Ben this year. Rain most of the day, breezy and low cloud to 700m in the morning. Onnly ggod points was the absence of the midge. Still busy despite the horrible weather and good to see most folk were well kitted out for the rain. The Red Burn was looking spectacular with all this rain recently. Shocking to see the litter on the summit area (see last picture), what filthy folk would leave beer and champagne bottles?  I also brought down three separate charity events t-shirts which were adourning the trig point. I picked up so much litter in the space of a few metres around the summit that I had no room left in my rucksac, disgusting.


Sam said...

The first time I went up Ben nevis my friend and I were so disgusted with the litter that on the way down we took a spare plastic bag and filled it on the descent.

I now pick up anything I see on the mountains that won't hinder me and dispose of it at the bottom.

Its not much but its something.

Gary said...

Hi Sam
Good for you. I'm constantly doing it and thank goodness there are folk out there clearing up the hill. As for memorials......I'm amazed at the cost and weight of some of these lumps, I brought down a 8inch square onix bloc last summer-weighed a tonne!