Wednesday, 24 August 2011


It was a bit of a damp day on The Ben for my group today but we headed up to out objective anyway-Ledge Route. Even in the gloomiest of weather it is still fab scenery and always interesting. The light rain did disappear and we had a quiet ascent with no one else on the route. This was Giulia and Mark's first mountain, they are from Malta and their highest hill is 400m! They were informing me that they have a friend who as just become the first Maltese person to summit Everest, great stuff. WE made our way down the zig-zags by mid afternoon, watching several 'light weight' (ie no rucsac, waterproofs or any form of extra clothing) folk still heading up the hill, just as an hefty shower came in. It then rained all the way back to the carpark and the cloud lowered to about 200m at times.

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