Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Another day of showers and limited sunny spells. The winds were increasing as the day wore on so I decided on a short, lower altitude hill day but with a scramble thrown in. The south side of Meall an t-Suidhe has three rocky buttress's and two of these give some easy, broken scrambles. I headed up the right hand of these, just as an heavy shower came in. For those who enjoy nice clean rock for their scrambles then maybe this isn't for you! The route starts up a wet, slimy gully then onto steep heathery slopes eventually getting to the foot of the broken buttress where the main scrambling begins. There is quite a bit of lichen on the rocks which was a bit slippery today in the showery weather and half way up the route the wind increased, all good stuff to keep you concentrating. I wonder if there is a scrambling grade system for steep heather too? A nice half day out and feeling remote despite The Ben path directly below. The Ben seemed quiet today, a nice change.

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