Friday, 7 October 2011


Yesterday's colder weather had dumped a covering of snow down to around 1000m  on the hills of Lochaber. Keen to see exactly how much of the white stuff is around I headed up into No.4 Gully on The Ben this morning. It was lovely and quiet all day, the only living beings I saw were an high altitude mountain hare at 1000m below me in the gully and a wonderful stag and his harem roaring away, just down from the CIC Hut. It would have been much nicer if there were a few more cm of snow in the gully, the last 30m was grotty, but then it is only the first week in October! I could hear a few folk out on Tower Ridge enjoying the dry, yes DRY day and not a whisper of a wind, well  I was probably well sheltered. Unfortunately it is all short lived, much warmer tomorrow and more rain, so I guess it'll all be washed away. 

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