Sunday, 12 February 2012


Busy on the Ben! No.3 Gully and cloud thining
Creag Corrie na Ciste and No4 Gully
Dominique enjoying the excellent conditions
Helen in the sun at the top of the gully
Ann nagotiating the cornice
The top and in the sun
What a busy day on Ben Nevis's north face today, lots of folk everywhere!  Helen, Dominique, Ann and Janet were keen to have some more adventurous winter skills so we decided on No,4 Gully. It was another overcast and mildish start. By the time we got to the snowline at 800m the cloud was thinning and some views. The freezing level had lowered and all snow had an excellent hard crust, fantastic cramponing. We just got to the foot of No4 when there was a big hole in the cloud once again this week. Beautiful blue skies above 1000m. Fab snow all the way up the gully and we topped out into lovely sunshine. Perfect day and the ladies loved the day, beyond what they expected for only their second day out in snow!. Never seen so many folk, even at this time of year. So many folk around it was difficult even finding a private spot for a pee!

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stephen mac said...

It looks great. Hopefully I will get similar conditions next week.