Monday, 5 March 2012


The sunny side of Ben Nevis
Nice cloud formations mixed with sunshine today
Navigating around Gardyloo Gully
The summit, and why they're doing it 6 times
Tower Ridge busy today
The summit in sunshine
Ric and Ross today embarked on day one of their 'Neverest Challenge'. They have set themselves a mountain challenge of ascending and descending Ben Nevis 6 times over 6 consecutive days all in the aid of their favourite charity, Early Intervention.

They've already had excellent exposure in several newspaper's and sponsorship from several companies, including an local brewery! (the one that produces the 'Ben Nevis' ale). They've secured £3000 already but a target of £5000 is their aim.

You can donate through their just giving page

Ric and Ross will be doing loads more events this year, this is only one of them!

Follow their training and latest news through their Facebook page: 
 This feat of hillwalking is the equivalent of going up Everest from sea level! Today I was with them to give some navigation and familiarisation of the Ben's notorious plateau where many folk have had epics or even fatalities. Some of today's Summiter's looked like they could have fitted into that category. There were folk completely under dressed, ill equipped with trainers and some folk strolling/struggling up with handbags.  The weather was beautiful, cold with excellent sunny spells. Luckily we did get some cloud to make the navigation more realistic but we also got fab views. Fresh snow down to 600m from the last few days. The descent down the Red Burn is still ok but a lot of snow has disappeared below 900m. Hopefully some more fresh snow and winds this week to get the hills looking more like what March should be. But not too windy hopefully for Ross and Ric who have to do it all again tomorrow. Good luck to the guys and support them if you bump into them on the Ben the rest of this week, better still support them with a few quid to a fabulous charity.

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