Thursday, 9 May 2013


The Cairngorms were blessed with some lovely sunny skies today and a lovely temperature for some more biking. It's been donkey's years since I've been through upper Glen Feshie and I wanted to recce out the new paths and tracks that have recently been upgraded for some guided bike tours around The Cairngorm Mountains. From Achlean at the road end there is now a superb trail following the East side of The River Feshie. It was beautiful riding and sunshine through out. I had a quick stop at the Ruigh Aiteachain Bothy which sits amongst the beautiful Caledonian Pines. There was a work party in there and they're doing a fine job on the repairs and upgrade. I carried on to where the landslips occurred a while back, there is only a short section which is unrideable and only a couple of hundred metres of easy pushing. I was tempted to ride all the way through to Braemar today. A great run back down, the best way for  'The Tour of The Cairngorms' is clockwise from Aviemore. Only a couple of other sections to investigate before a 'real run'.

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