Monday, 17 June 2013


The Barns of Bynack
Along the ridge
Trailing Azalea
Kath & Louis at The Barns of Bynack
Ptarmigan Chick
Kath & Loius are out with me for four days of Munro-ing in The Cairngorms. Kath has been out with me on a previous trip last summer and her Munro tally is up to 118, until today. Our first outing was a 'warm up' with a good leg stretcher onto the solitary Munro of Bynack Mor. We set off in cloudy conditions but the tops soon cleared. We saw no one all the way to the summit and then had a detour to the finest feature of the hill-The Barns of Bynack. The cloud descended on the way down and we had  a couple of hours of rain. It's a fine time to see lots of plants and flowers, lovely displays of Cloudberry, Trailing Azalea, Moss Campion amongst many others. We also spotted a ptarmigan chick scurrying across the path. I was shod in my ancient Scarpa Vega plastic boots today  to remember how heavy they are- 2.5kg I think , this wasn't for fun! I'm guiding on Elbrus in August and wanted to feel how to walk in the heaviest boots on the market. Think my feet will survive and my wallet will be thankful too :)

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