Saturday, 17 August 2013


Away for a couple of weeks guiding four guys on a wee jaunt up Mount Elbrus (5642m) which is the highest point in Europe and one of the ' 7 Summits'. Elbrus lies in the Caucasus Mountains, Russia. Scott B, Scott S, Jim & Mitch have all been out with me on a winter skills course in preparation for their big challenge. They are also raising funds for their charity. Like all big mountains across the world, the chances of success are hinged on acclimatising well and the weather. Elbrus is renowned for it's bad weather and high winds. Lets hope we get a good spell. Rather than taking the option of ascending from the southern side of the mountain which is the route the vast majority of people take, we will be attempting from the northern side. The southern side has more infrastructure, a form of accommodation in huts and even a skidoo service (if that's what you want?!). Where as we will be tenting it from the word go at 2400m  which is the 'basecamp' and much quieter. Blog posts will be a bit sporadic over next couple of weeks.

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