Friday, 6 June 2014


The top of Hells Lum
Loch Avon and Shelter Stone
Big loose blocks lying on a small lump of snow!
And this lot can't last much longer too!
A few icebergs may be floating in here soon
The cloud was down to well below car park level at Coire Cas in The Cairngorms today. A light drizzle and zero visibility all morning wasn't looking good for a nice day. Things were soon transformed come the afternoon and great views won the day. The snow in Coire an Lochan still has some depth and we noticed a few big blocks of granite come loose and lying on a slab of snow at the top of one of the gullies, I wouldn't want to be below that when it goes! Down in the corrie and we thought we heared thunder, turned out just a few small pieces falling off the Great Slab! Warming up and great weather tomorrow in the Cairngorms and NW Highlands.

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