Friday, 18 September 2015


A cloudy Fiacaill Ridge
...more cloud (and rocks)
.......even more rocks & cloud
Back home from my last stint of work in The Alps. Today it was forecast to be very sunny and leaving Aviemore this morning it was indeed blue skies and sunshine. Meanwhile there was a big bubble of cloud stretched out across the Cairngorms Northern Corries. And that's how it was all day. Still, the Fiacaill Ridge is a great wee scramble to keep you interested. There wasn't a soul around, as per usual in summer. Cold enough for a hat and gloves today. It did look like the sun may break through at one point, but no, just cloud. On the way back across the plateau, in cloud, were a couple of folk wearing jeans, trainers, no rucksack's and hands in pockets (presumably to keep their hands warm)? Back in Aviemore and the sun came out. Sun tomorrow- 90% chance apparently.

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