Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Fiacaill Ridge, warm rock in November!
Loch Avon & Shelterstone Crag
Stag Rocks & Loch Avon
Strathspey bathed in sun
Stag Rocks & Loch Avon
Great spot for a sunbathe
3rd November and it felt like a mid summer day in The Cairngorms, for yet another day. Crazy weather really and I guess those who never got a sunny, warm summer will be enjoying this! A beautiful afternoon up on the Fiacaill Ridge today. The rock was warm, stripped to base layers under a glorious blue sky. Whats not to like? The recent heatwave has also stripped the entire snow patch at Coire Domhain, bar one tiny patch which is all that remains.Well ok I do like some sun but I really would like it to be more seasonal now. There should be some snow and much colder but it will come, watch this space for a transformation, soon we hope! Until then, enjoy the summer!

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