Saturday, 6 February 2016


Near white out high up
Visability improving!
You needed more than this wee signpost to navigate today
Those poor old Munros at Drumochter never seem to get a good mention from the Munro baggers. Shame really because I think they are just wonderful hills, especially in winter. If you're just after a short day then the 400m height starting point  gets you up on the mountains quickly. Today we just opted for Gael Charn, one of the lowest Munro summits at 917m. It wasn't a great weather forecast, but we have had worse conditions this season. Surprisingly there is an excellent cover of snow from 500m upwards and there was even some icy, refrozen snow areas after the melt/freeze cycles lately. Cloud down to low levels all day so not good if you love views. Map and compass job most of the way up and down. Strong winds too made for a good winter day out. Surprisinly not many folk out here today! Staying unsettled but looking like more snowfall for a few days to come and staying cold.

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