Sunday, 22 May 2016


Sun, snow and fabulous clouds today
Heading out of the Lairig Ghru
Looking across te Cairngorm plateau to Cairn Toul
A chunky female ptarmigan
More wonderful cloud across the plateau
Dotterel enjoying the sun
...and the reindeer too humans even more so
Cairn Gorm
Coire Domhain
Male ptarmigan
Light winds, warm sunshine and we missed all the big showers! What's not to like? Some absolutely fabulous cloud formations on the Cairngorm plateau today. Every few minutes there was another glorious big cloud looming high above us. WE kept thinking it's our turn for an enormous drenching and downpour but they all just drifted on by. Strathspey and further north looked very black while we just basked in the sunshine. Still huge areas of snow around and it was like a furnace walking across these. The Dotterel, ptarmigan, reindeer all seemed to be just lapping up the rays too. Looks like a superb week ahead with high pressure bringing plenty of sunshine. Enjoy it.

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