Monday, 12 December 2016


A rather bare looking Coire an lochain

What snow there is is frozen solid
Where's my snow?

At least it was cool and a nice day
Don't worry, not long to wait

Mountain hares in full winter coat
I got back home from Patagonia last Friday, a fantastic three weeks. More to come on that with a full blog post shortly. Meanwhile, it was good to get out for a quick romp around the Northern Corries today. Really disappointing to see all that wonderful snow from just over a week a go has been completely wiped out. With the recent heatwave for quite a long spell, it was bound to happen I suppose. On the bright side, ti was much cooler today and any patches of snow that were left were frozen solid. We had some lovely sunny spells this morning before cloud thickened from the west. Forecast is fro some snowfall on Friday so fingers crossed we are out of this pathetic warm airflow and bring on the cold! The ptarmigan and mountain hare were very easy to spot today!

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