Tuesday, 18 July 2017


The team on the Europaweg 
Weisshorn from Taschalp
No caption required
Europaweg and Mattertal 
The team, looking fresh!
Final day of trekking on the Haute Route.  Day 10 and yet another spectacular walk with wonderful views. The Europaweg from Grachan to Taschalp is still not officialy open, that is until 20 August.  Looking forward to seeing the multi million Swiss Franc Bridge which has the major construction job to be completed before its once more 'safe' to walk. So for our final section of the Haute Route we started at Taschalp today. From the word go it is views and photos every inch of the way. We extended the walk into Zermatt as much as possible by walking to Sunnega and Findeln. Tradition states with my groups that we finish at the church in Zermatt. Top weather again. Well done my team of 10 who have an average age of 58-69 and breezed along every day. Fabulous!  This trek I was guiding for KE Adventure. 

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