Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Rainbows in the Northern Corries
Male ptarmigan croaking
Fiacaill Ridge
Cumulus Clouds
Getting whiter

Mountain Hare's too
More Rainbows

Late afternoon light
Some sunshine this week over in the Cairngorms, along with some showers. It's been quite warm for this time of year, forecasts suggesting something colder by Friday. The usual high winds in Autumn which isn't unusual. I would have thought it was quite blustery on the tops today, it was gusting around 50mph in the Northern Corries. A few showers blowing through but it was a pleasant afternoon to be out and about. The colours are really vibrant at the moment and the foliage on the trees is beautiful. Get those Autumn tree photos quickly though as they'll be gone by the end of the month.
Winter course bookings are coming in and December is getting quite busy. 10 days work back to back already. All details of winter courses are on my website.

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