Sunday, 11 March 2018


Great day for Mountain Hare's
Coire an Lochain looking fab
The Vent well filled in
Coire an Lochain above the clouds
They were very photogenic this morning
Plenty of croaking ptarmigan
Big cornices
Not to be out done
For the first time in a while the freezing levels were above the summits in The Caingorms. Not a breath of wind this morning in The Northern Corries. Down to base layers by 11am. Of course we have so much snow that the Highlands can handle a small period of warmer temperatures. In fact it is welcome to get the snow pack into a safer condition. There have been a few big natural avalanches just recently, high up in the corries. A good melt/freeze is exactly what we need. Brilliant day for wildlife and photography again. The air so silent we could hear every sound form the ptarmigan, grouse and snow bunting. Along with the chattering climbers and dogs. You can always find a nice corner of the Cairngorms to escape the crowds and see the wildlife. The mountain hare's in particular were brilliant today. Some very photogenic and posing nicely. Another calm, benign and bright day tomorrow. All is well. Don't forget that The Scottish Highlands has heaps of snow and will survive this wee rise in temperatures, unlike England and Wales were the hills will strip very quickly. If you want winter, we have it up here!

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