Saturday, 7 April 2018


Karen running the Burma Road 
Hare waiting to cross the road
Mountain Hare on the Burma Road 
Biking the Burma Road 
Hare & Bike
Milder temperatures the last couple of days. It almost feel like Spring in the Strath. The snow.lower down the hills is beginning to recede but it's still very much winter conditions up on the higher mountains. Today Karen and I had a jaunt up on the Burma Road.  Karen running whilst I was on the bike. There's still some small patches of snow near the top of the Pass, previous late winter there has been a lot more. An indication that this winter hasn't been that severe? It was lovely and peaceful,  only two folk seen all day. More wildlife with the first Skylark and a curlew. I spent a few minutes photographing a lazy Mountain Hare on the track. Shame I only had my mobile phone camera.  He sat and posed less than 4 metres away. The Burma Road is a great route with fabulous views of the Northern Cairngorms. It's a still pull up,unrelentless, but with a great run down to the River Dulnain. 

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