Wednesday, 27 February 2019


Mountain Hare

Hare at rest

Another 'summer' day

The ground is extremely dry just now
Not to be left out

The sun shone merrily again all day. Light winds and high temperatures. It felt like another summer day in The Cairngorms. Quite surreal, it is supposed to be the height of winter. This time last year we had the 'Beast from the East', topping up a bumper winter. At the moment we have very little snow lingering. Things are about to change from tomorrow. Much cooler temperatures as the Atlantic weather systems take over again. Snowfall forecast on Saturday. Winter will return hopefully.
In the meantime it was a day to soak in the sun and enjoy another fabulous day out on the hills photographing the amazing wildlife we have high up in The Cairngorms. Today the Mountain Hare was the star of the show. The hares and the ptarmigan are, of course, still in their winter pelage and plumage. Looking quite splendid in the bright sunshine.
I run wildlife photography days throughout the year if you are interested in getting some nice images. A great walk in the hills too!

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