Sunday, 12 May 2019


Cairn Lochan. Yes, this is mid May
Just waking up
Ring Ouzel at over 950m
Female Ptarmigan
Full snow cover on the high Cairngorms
Time for a nap again
The cliffs of Coire an Lochain
Male ptarmigan
It was a beautiful sunny day here in the Cairngorms. Wall to wall sun and light winds. There is still an unusual amount of snow on the plateau. Full cover across to Ben Macdui. It's usually around this time in May that the Dotterel return to the Scottish hills to breed. As they are ground nesting birds then they won't be arriving on the high tops any time soon. Lower down the hill it was a different story. Lots of wonderful Springtime wildlife. First time I have seen a Ring Ouzel at such a high altitude, over 950m. A lovely sight and sound in the mountains. The mountain hare's are well into their Spring pelage. One guy I was photographing kept going back to sleep after a shuffle and yawn. It's also the best time of year to see the ptarmigan in their Spring plumage. The male and female plumage are so very different and very easy to identify in Springtime.
Great weather set to continue all next week. Enjoy!

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