Wednesday, 6 November 2019


More ice at Coire an Locain
Some wonderful cloud formation

Cairngorm plateau

Meall a'Bhuchaille poking through the cloud

Strathspey under a blanket of cloud most of the day

More snow

More ice

Coire an Lochain

Cairn Lochan

Ever changing cloudscapes

Not camouflaged yet!

Always a joy

Taking it easy
There was another dusting of overnight snow in The Cairngorms. Staying below freezing above about 1000m There was definitely ice around compared to yesterday. The crags looking rimed and icy. Strathspey was in cloud for much of the day, a restively common occurrence during the winter months. Some beautiful cloud formations as the day wore on and by mid afternoon there was some blue skies around. The Mountain Hare is still in his Autumn  pelage. Relatively easy to spot today and of course leaving his prints everywhere in the snow. Sustained winter conditions for quite some days to come and some further light snowfall again tomorrow. Good, steady start to winter.

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