Sunday, 19 April 2020


Dipper collecting food for its young
We enter week 4 of the limited access. A beautiful weather week. By the tail end it was wall to wall blue skies and warm sun. Chilly early mornings offering fantastic clear air. Light winds most days so really nice to be outdoors in these strange times we are living in. Once again the wildlife was the star of the show. They seem to be taking over the roads which are all but deserted, especially the more 'quieter' roads in normal periods. These you are almost guaranteed to have to yourself.
Highlights in photographs below.

Greylagg Goose taking it easy
Clear air, no winds
Snow melting slowly 
Peacock Butterfly

Small Tortoiseshell
Mountain Hare on The Buma Road
Red Squirrel
Biking on the Burma Road 

Abernethy Forest
Tree Creeper


Goldeneye taking off

red Grouse



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