Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I had a wander up into the Ciste Corrie on Ben Nevis today. Been away for a week so looking to see how much snow has been dumped since being in the flatlands. From 600m upward there is tons of unconsolidated snow, over 1 metre in depth in places. The buttresses and crags are all white and the whole scene looked like a mid winters day. My plan to head up one of the gullies took a back seat after digging an avalanche test pit at around 900m. There were two relatively easy shears in the pack I tested just under Creag Corrie na Ciste. Alastair had been following in my footsteps and took my advice regarding avalanches, he's now booking a day out with me this week! Counted at least four pairs of ptarmigan just above the CIC Hut. Does all this early snow  herald another fantastic winter again?

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