Monday, 14 March 2011


The  winds eased and the snow stopped snowing today after the weekends big dump of snow. I dug out the snowshoes and gave them a outing up Carn Mor Dearg today. With snow down to 100m and some big drifts it was never going to be a stroll and indeed the first 500m was really hard going, the snow too soft and damp so not much use but above this height I found some big patches of wind slab which were just compacted enough to be perfect for the big footed beasts. A mixture of terrain, one minute good wind slab next snow drifts then neve along the ridge. There were a few snow showers lingering this morning and eventually the sun peeped out and some clearing of the tops but the Ben's last 300m was always in the cloud. Beautiful light on the way down as the sun tried to poke a few more patches of blue. 

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