Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Gabe and Malcolm were with me today on Ben Nevis. Gabe works at The Scotsman Newspaper (The Pulse) and is working on an article around Ben Nevis due out in April. It started off lovely and warm and sunny with the tops all clear. By early afternoon we got an hour or so of light snowfall and the cloud base lowered. Quite a few 'tourists' wandering about in trainers and not a lot else today including a few folk traversing over toward the Five Finger Gully area! The Pony Track still as snow on from 1100m upward. Gabe produced a bottle of Champagne to celebrate at the summit then we headed down The Red Burn after some bum sliding on the plateau. What a good effort for them both considering the highest hills they've been up in The Pentlands and first time on snow too. The pair of ptarmigan that lurk around the Red Burn area were with us again today, must be getting used to me lurking there too!

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