Thursday, 24 May 2012


Even hotter today, very little breeze and sea level temperatures in the mid 20's. Another cloudless day and wall to wall sunshine. Joakim from Sweeden was out with me today, having just completed the West Highland Way last week he wanted to top off his Scottish walking trip with a jaunt up Ben Nevis's CMD arete. He was treated to fabulous weather. What a contrast from less than 1 week ago when I was here last-then there was full winter conditions all the way (see post last Friday). Today there wasn't a drop of snow along the ridges, the fu=final slopes from the abseil post is now also bare of snow and the plateau area is well clear of snow, just the summit area from Tower Gully is the only area of any appreciable snow cover now. We saw no one until near the abseil posts then there was a spate of folk going the opposite way late in the day. Up on the summit there was a lot of bare flesh getting sported, I guess there will be a lot of red skins around Fort William the next few days!

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