Saturday, 26 May 2012


The team with Am Bodach beyond
Alpine paths to match Alpine weather
The NW top of Na Gruagaichean from near the summit
Binnein Mor from the summit
Ben Nevis & CMD from the summit
A bit predictable really but it was yet another hot, wall to wall sunshine day. A nice stiff breeze though made it feel very pleasant indeed. Our Irish Team were wanting an easier hill day after yesterdays big effort on the CMD arete. We headed over to Mamore Lodge for a bit of height gain for our day on Na Gruagaichan in The Mamores. This wonderful mountain chain has fantastic approach paths, many of which are old stalking paths and at one point I thought I could hear Marmot's and cowbells ringing in the distance, then I realised it wasn't The Alps but this really is The Highlands in amazing weather! We had the whole day to ourselves, not a soul until the summit when we just about made it to the cairn as there were over 20 folk all at the summit! Looks like another hot day again tomorrow.

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