Thursday, 21 June 2012


Sunrise over Carn Dearg Buttress
Ciste Corrie
Ledge Route

CMD & NE Buttress
I had planned on a bivvy over the shortest night of the year but unfortunately there was cloud last night and I'm getting too picky and used to glorious weather recently! So instead I set off at around 1am to see the sunrise instead. It was a warm night and despite the high level cloud cover there was no need for a head torch at all. I saw no one heading up to the CIC Hut which was surprising-does no one celebrate the Summer Solstice any longer? I caught the best of the sunrise half way up Ledge Route but it was only short lived, too much cloud. Still a lovely morning to be out. The Pony Track down was deserted and so a very quiet day on The Ben. So the days are now getting shorter, not far off till winter :)

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