Sunday, 10 March 2013


Jen & Harry emerging from our snowhole. A lot of drifting overnight
New rime ice and fresh windslab on the plateau
A well rimed Fiacaill Buttress
Harry enjoying the views
Jen enjoying the views!
Fingers Ridge
Coire An t-sneachda
We emerged from our snow hole this morning into beautiful deep blue skies, sunshine and a severe windchill. Jen & Harry were keen to get moving in the cold conditions after our snug snow hole in Coire Domhain last night. The plateau had been transformed into a world of rime ice, wind slab and arctic conditions. We were so lucky to have the small blue skies weather window for just an hour or so, enough time for loads of photos before heading back down the Fiacaill Coire Cas and 'civilization'.  Brother & Sister team were well chuffed and left with glowing faces on their long train journey back down south.

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