Sunday, 17 March 2013


Alan demostrating the Axe & Bucket seat belay, dramatic acting from Jeff
Abseiling off a Snow bollard
Pacing in white out conditions
A white and quiet Cairn Gorm summit
Afternoon shelter in Ciste Mherad
Late afternoon winds, plenty of blowing snow
It was another day of almost constant snowfall, poor visibility and cold. Jeff & Alan were keen to do some basic snow belays for steep terrain so we spent the morning at the east side of the Fiacaill Coire Cas which was in cloud and poor vis. We did a few stability test pits here and stayed on easier angled slopes. After lunch the guys were up for some more navigation in poor conditions, and we sure got the conditions. A lot of periods of white out as we made our way to the summit of Cairngorm and then down the other side to Ciste Mherad where we looked at constructing some basic snow shelters to survive the night out in poor weather. Finally the guys navigated perfectly again back down a very windy Windy Ridge. Here the wind had increased and the snow was really blowing around. WE even got a very short glimpse of the sun for 2 minutes!. A good two days in testing conditions which is exactly what Alan and Jeff wanted! More snow forecast through the next two or three days and high winds tomorrow. The winter just keeps on coming! :)

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