Friday, 14 February 2014


Coire an Lochain
Wonderful snow shoeing conditions
Fiacaill Ridge
Walking out of the Coire Cas car park this morning into NO WIND! Wonderful views and superb snow. It was fantastic snow conditions today for the snow shoes, I was almost floating over toward Coire an Lochain. At the moment you can take a direct line anyway into the Northern Corries as there is so much depth of snow and no danger of falling into any burns. The sun was peeping out of Coire an Lochain and the mountains are well plastered. Many folk heading up to the Ficaill Ridge and SARDA folk and their dogs were out training lower down the hill. The cloud gradually rolled in as forecasted. Another stormy night and tomorrow but Sunday looking good. Avalanche conditions will no doubt be back up to HIGH on most aspects by tomorrow. Some big cornices around and much wind slab.  
Sunshine slowly giving way to cloud over the Northern Corries

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