Sunday, 23 February 2014


Our lunch snow shelter
A more 'desparate' emergency shelter - The Grave, no explanation needed!
Quite pleasant on the walk out
For Kath & Louis's second day of winter skills we headed into Coire Laoigh Mor which is just a short stroll from the Ciste car park. The weather was back to it's usual tricks with gales up high on a mild SW. We had sleety snow showers in the morning but come the afternoon the winds eased and it dried up. Today's location was a perfect spot, sheltered and not too high. We covered more avalanche awareness, digging various types of snow pits to check out the snow pack. It was clear from the air temperatures today that we are in a spell of thaw and the snow pack was moist but quite stable in our location. From the pits we enlarged them  and built snow shelters for lunch. To finish off the day we had a sliding session - some axe arresting before a glissade out to the bottom of the corrie. Well done to Kath & Loius for their first taste of winter, they really enjoyed it and are keen for more. They still had energy for stroll down to Glenmore for coffee and cake in the cafe. More 'summer' Munros with them in May.

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