Sunday, 14 December 2014


Axe arresting - head first, on the back
Here we go!
A bit faster/steeper
Stomper belay
Classic abseil off a snow bollard
Bucket seat and axe belay
Last of four day winter skills with Paul. Today we had an easy walk into Coire Cas for some axe arresting (stopping a slip/fall) and some basic snow belays for covering steeper ground. It had been a mild spell of weather overnight with rain and a freezing level above the tops, which was evident by the amount of snow that was stripped off some areas. It was mostly dry during the day with strong winds high up. The temperature did drop again in the afternoon and there was the odd snow shower. Snow showers in Aviemore late afternoon. Good to see some melt freeze going on! More cold/snowy/milder/windy spells ahead. Well done to Paul and a great 4 days despite the very hard going snow conditions and high winds but we managed to cover a good deal this week.

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