Saturday, 24 January 2015


Paul heading into the Upper Coire Garbhlch
At last, some hard snow an easier walking, along with clear skies
Finding some steep groud beside Hermit's Ridge
Looking up to the crags of the Upper Coire Garbhlach
Step Cutting
The Feshie road a bit snowy this morning
Return clients Harvey and Paul are back out with me again for their annual 3 days of winter fun. Today we went into glen Feshie which was looking beautiful on the drive in with fresh snow from last night. Problem was the car got stuck so we shovelled and ice axed it out into a safer place! So 40 minutes later and we were off. Coire Garbhlach was today's venue, a seldom visited climbing corrie near the Munro summit of Mullach Clach a' Bhlair. It was very hard going in the fresh snow and heather, a full body work out just getting into the Upper Corrie. We had a plan for an adventurous easy gully but with the fresh accumulations and some weak cornices we opted for a safer option and got a grade 1 route in to the side of the prominent rock feature of Hermit's Ridge. We had only a flurry of snow for 5 minutes and sunshine in the middle part of the day which made the hard slog every bit worth it. An even harder slog down at the end of the day but at least the road had been ploughed and no nocturnal shovelling on the Feshie road. Gran day out and surprise surprise no one seen all day in the corrie.

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