Monday, 26 January 2015


Harvey and Paul enjoying some sun and a respite from the winds
Excellent hard re frozen snow
The finest feature of Bynack Mor - The Barns of Bynack
The guys did well posing for his one - it was over 50mph here
Easterly aspects loaded with snow
A tour of The The Barns
Even the ptarmigan werent flying today, there's five of them here
After yesterdays warm temperatures we were back to normality today with below freezing temps on the hills. Last day out with Paul and Harvey and we finished the long weekend with a Munro summit - Bynack Mor. Weather forecast of 50-60mph winds were spot on today, but the guys coped well, this being the third winter weekend out with me so they are well used to a few breezy days. Any snow high up is now well frozen after the melt/freeze cycle. there is a lot of snow that's been scoured and wind blown onto easterly aspects. After our summit victory we headed down to Bynack Mor's finest feature - The Barns of Bynack. What do you mean you've never seen these? That's outrageous. These massive tors are the Munros most spectacular rock feature. Its also a fine spot to get out of the winds. A great three days with the guys, as always. Mixed weather next few days and a very cold blast with fresh snow toward the end of the week.

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