Monday, 2 March 2015


Where's the road gone?
Big drifts after the wee bridge
Sunny skies on the summit
Geal-charn Mor from The Burma Road
Cornices even at low altitude hills
Cairngorm plateau like
The Cairngorms from near the top
Another dumping of snow overnight  with another coating of fresh white stuff  down to lower levels. Colder temperatures again today and another windy day on the high tops. I was thinking of getting the bike out and having some fun on a winter ride over The Burma Road, on second thoughts after looking up to the hills I changed my mind! There is still big drifts from the wee bridge on The Burma Road all the way to the top. Fab weather with lots of blue skies and the winds not too strong. Above 600m the snow cover is complete and it was looking like a miniature Cairngorm plateau today. I carried on from the top of the road to the Corbett summit of Geal-charn Mor. I was just descending when another snow shower blew in from the west and it was almost white out time. Where else can you walk from your house and within a couple of hours be walking in drifts, neve and a near white out? What's all this talk of 'Spring time' being bounded about on tv and the media? We are only just over 2/3 the way through winter folks so lots more winter fun to come :)

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