Saturday, 25 February 2017


Paul & Mike enjoying the snowshelter

Soft snow today

Ciste Mheared


More snow shelter fun

and again

Plenty of snow in Ciste Mheared

Snowloss, looking to Fiacaill Coire Cas
Axe arresting
Another warm spell overnight and into this morning has once again stripped a lot of snow withing just a short space of time. It was pretty wild last night and lots of rain had a big impact on the full snow cover. Paul and Mike were out with me again today, they were with me on Thursday. This morning we sat out the heavy rain and gales, having a coffee whilst planning our navigation for today. The lads were keen to get some winter navigation for their own adventures. We headed over to Ciste Mheared, Mike and Paul using map and compass skills to locate this well known and reliable snow shelter location. Some ready made snow holes were welcome for our lunch spot. Toward the end of the day we covered more movement on steep ground and lastly some ice axe arresting. The gales died down by lunchtime and we even had some bright spells. Thankfully this 'mini heatwave' is short lived, back to colder temperatures which should firm up the mist snowpack.

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