Sunday, 26 February 2017


Chris & Tony up towards Windy Gap

Mess of Pottage

Father & Son team, Tony and Chris

Coire an  t-Sneachda looking wintry again

We found some ice

Cairn Gorm summit

Snowing and poor vis off Cairn Gorm

Still some weaknesses in the snowpack

Ptarmigan starting to loose their winter plumage
Nice to see the temperatures coming down today after the brief thaw, the first time this winter we have had a 'normal' wee thaw that doesn't last for days of weeks! It was another windy day but it did ease down by mid morning and some dry spell before the snow showers became more organised and merged into constant snowfall by early afternoon. Father and son team Tony and Chris out with me today. This was Tony's first venture into winter hillwalking. We walked  into a busy Coire an t-Sneachda but found some peaceful space away towards the slopes up to Windy Gap. Not much ice around for cramponing until higher up. After lunch we had a wander up to Cairn Gorm summit. The snow showers and poor visibility made the day definitely a full winters outing. Some ice and quite a bit of fresh snow on Cairn Gorms northern flanks. We even had the luxury of venturing into the Ptarmigan cafe for afternoon coffee. Good day out and a rest for me tomorrow. February half term weeks are always the busiest period in winter for me. Now I believe that March is going to bring us blue skies and lots of glorious snow. Well we are surely due it?

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