Thursday, 9 March 2017


The North Face of Ben Nevis on our way to CMD

The classic view of Ben Nevis from Carn Mor Dearg

Mamores from Carn Mor Dearg

Aonach Beag & Carn Mor Dearg

Harry & Frank enjoying the CMD arete

Fabulous ridge walking

Observatory Gully, Ben Nevis

Trail breaking up Carn Mor Dearg

A ghostly Ben Nevis summit

Ben Nevis
Father & son team Frank and Harry are out with me for a couple of days of winter walking. Frank had already been out with me before a few years ago, in summer. We had a great day on Ledge Route that day so he wanted to see The Ben under winter conditions this time. With today being the best weather of their two days with me, I decided we should go for the classic day out on the ridges, the Carn Mor Dearg arete onto Ben Nevis. This is a superb outing, full of Alpine character under snow and ice. Save it for a good day as the views are just astounding. The early rain/snow showers had passed through when we set out. It was another day of trail breaking in the soft wind slab but the views of Ben Nevis's North Face was enough to take away any hardship.It was a cold wind on the summit of Carn Mor Dearg and stunning views. The arete was just wonderful, despite the soft snow. We had the whole place to ourselves apart from two other folk out in front of us. The guys just loved the whole day, despite the soft snow we were round in just over 9 hours. Another fabulous day.
The narrow bit

A great day to be out

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