Tuesday, 7 March 2017


We found some ice today

Coire an Lochain

Another day on Fiacaill Ridge

Lovely morning in Coire an Lochain

Ice forming in the Coire

Marc on a deserted Fiacaill Ridge

Steep ground in Coire an Lochain

Up again

Drooping cornices, Cairn Lochan

Stomper belay

Fiacaill Buttress

Looking good
Another lovely sunny morning in The Cairngorms. Clear skies for much of the time. The snow pack is still variable with the below freezing temperatures. Trail breaking and a breakable crust on the walk in to Coire an Lochain. Today we concentrated on steep ground and this gave Marc some time to practise is snow belay skills in preparation for his Winter Mountain Leader assessment next week. Dave enjoying the wonderful winter conditions and scenery. We found some ice toady and some weaknesses in the snow pack. The wind slab still present on top of the old refrozen snow high up in the coire. So we changed our plan for the day and headed from the coire over to the Fiacaill ridge. Daves' second ascent! By the time we reached the summit of Cairn Lochan the cloud had rolled in and the winds had picked up. Plenty of loose snow getting redistributed. Pretty breezy even low down and it started snowing by the time we finished the day. Another grand day out and Dave may be back for some more! :) Thanks o Marc for joining us today and good luck to him on his assessment.

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