Monday, 17 April 2017


Cairngorm plateau

Rime ice on Cairn Gorm summit

Loch Avon & Shelterstone Crag

Karen having an icy dip in Loch Avon

Snow Bunting on Cairn Gorm summit


Beinn Mheadhoin & Loch Avon
A cold, northerly airflow has brought snow to the mountains across Scotland. This isn't unusual for mid April. Winter isn't normally over until May 1st for me. Of course it isn't proper winter, much of the snow is superficial and won't last long once the temperatures rise again. Having said that, good navigational skills, warm clothing and coping in 'winter terrain' are still needed. An ice axe is also useful if tackling some steeper ground. Today Karen and I headed up to Cairn Gorm, we had Windy Ridge to ourselves. We headed down from the summit by the southern slopes and to Loch Avon. The main objective today was a another icy swim in the lovely Loch Avon for Karen. On the way back over from Coire Raibert the cloud came in and we had an hour or so of snow, coupled with a stiff breeze and it felt like a proper winters day. The suns now shining and a lovely evening back in Aviemore. Spring can easily turn into winter this time of year and vice versa!

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