Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I am back!

Male and Female Osprey

On the tree tops

I like it in the sun
 Sad to see the winter end but the long days and warmer temperatures are very nice too. The winter boots and ironmongery are now stored away for another year. My summer season is  under way with lots of wonderful hillwalking, scrambling and navigation courses making up most of my Spring & Summer work, alongside Alpine trekking tours. I also run wildlife watching and photography days through the snow free months.
There is an abundance of wonderful wildlife in the Cairngorms area, in the mountains, moorland, lochs and forests. The Osprey returning to our shores is always a lovely sight to see and the true start to Spring for me. They spend most of their life on the west coast of Africa, returning to the UK to nest and breed. Some ospreys have lived many years and they all return to their same nesting sites year after year, quite remarkable. All of the 'well known' Osprey returned back from West Africa over two weeks ago. This 'local pair' have only just appeared in the last week, as last Monday there was no sign of them. It's just half an hour bike ride from my front door to watch these wonderful birds, with no TV monitor on them :) .

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