Thursday, 22 June 2017


Lunchtime pic-nic spot
Lesser Butterfly Orchid
Small patches of snow 
Mountain Pansey
Last snowpatch,  The Brevent
My summer season in The Alps kicked off today. First trek of 2017 starting off with my 50 something Tour of Mont Blanc.  10 folk from the USA on their 10 day hike around Western Europes highest mountain.  Its been a lean, mildish winter in the Chamonix area and the temperatures have been very high for a long time. There is normally a lot more big patches of snow on the trails, not this season. We headed up to Le Brevent from Chamonix and descended to Les Houches for day 1 of the classic tour. It was shocking hot but a wee bit cooler high up. The hills were quiet today, not many folk out.  Good time of year for trekking. The flowers looking wonderful too at this time of early summer. This trip I am guiding for Mont Blanc Treks. Good to be back!

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