Thursday, 8 June 2017


Belaying on the Fiacaill

Confidence roping

The South African Abseil

Cloud & Drizzle

Great terrain for ML's

Ring Ouzel

Ptarmigan eggshell (hatched!)

Dwarf Cornel

More scrambling

No rope

More of this, Navigating on the plateau

Good conditions for navigation
Second day out on Cara and Ollys' Mountain Leader Refresher Course. Toady's main topic of the syllabus was Hazards on steep and broken ground. We covered giving confidence to a nervous client/group by reassurance then some confidence roping or 'dog leading'. On steeper ground the rope is used for  some simple belaying. For the Mountain Leader the only piece of equipment is just the rope, no other climbing equipment. It is only carried as an emergency and not for intended use. So good judgement by the leader is the crucial element when planning a route for the day. The Fiacaill of Coire Sneachda ridge is an ideal place to put all this into action. We walked into Coire an t-Sneachda this morning and from the lochans moved up the steep and broken ground to the notch at the start of the Fiacaill Ridge. After gaining the plateau there was some time for more Navigation. Perfect conditions, cloud and light rain.
Olly and Cara did fantastic and their skills are up to scratch and speed. They've also amassed plenty of Quality Mountain Days which is by far the most important aspect before putting yourself forward for assessment. Good luck to them this summer and I am sure they will pass with flying colours.

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