Thursday, 28 December 2017


Fiacaill Coire Sneachda
Rime ice, Fiacaill Ridge
Poor vis, Fiacaill
Extra guiding! Cairngorm plateau, poor vis
Late afternoon and best view all day
More ridge, more rime
Better in the west?
Fiacaill Buttress just visible
Coire an t-Sneacda
Well below freezing up on the hills for another day. Some more fresh snow overnight in The Cairngorms. The cloud was well down today, not much in the way of views above 750m for much of the day. The west and Southern Highlands seem to have fared better over the last day or so with regards to clear skies and a bit of winter sun. Never mind, you can't have great snow cover and nice weather all the time! Fiacaill Coire Sneachda was good fun today. Lots of rime plastered rocks, my favourite snow form. Coire Sneachda wasn't too bad to walk into, despite the trail going off route much of the way. Up on the plateau and the visibility was even worse. On the way across to 1141m there was a party of 3 guys weaving about near the Windy Col area who needed a bit of assistance to get themselves off the plateau and down. They all looked a bit puzzled to their location and an easy way back to the car park. Turned out they had no map and no compass, their only means of navigation in today's poor vis was some naff looking mapping app on their smart phone. Only last night the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue were out assisting folk off the hills. Take care out there folks, it is winter and your skills need to be up to scratch.

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